Training Content

  1. Training Video on LoadProof with Case Studies
  2. How Picture Documentation can Help You Save $$$
  3. Chargebacks & Retail Compliance: Prove You Did It Right
  4. LoadProof Animation Explainer Video
  5. LoadProof in The Financial Times Supply Chain Trends Case Study
  6. CSCMP Supply Chain Innovator of the Year Award – Finalist
  7. SupplyChainBrain – Great Supply Chain Partner – LoadProof
  8. Featured at Venture Atlanta
  9. Fighting Unfair Chargebacks Through Photographic Proof – By Supply Chain Brain
  10. Image Enable Your Supply Chain, Blockchain Enable Your Images

Case Studies & Testimonials

  1. How Berner Foods 3PL saves $10,000 per month on truck rejected loads
  2. How Global Industrial saves $100k per Year on Warehouse Chargebacks Using LoadProof
  3. How Sealed Air saw a reduction 95-percent reduction in customer complaints and saves $10,000 per month
  4. How Mannington Mills saves a lot of dollars in freight claims using LoadProof
  5. How Kohler improved their warehouse worker training process, reduced freight claims with LoadProof
  6. How Track Loader Parts improved their Savings on Freight Claims and Retail Chargebacks Using LoadProof
  7. How DSW Distribution Centers saves $30,000 per year on the labor costs alone with LoadProof
  8. How NCR Distribution improved their customer satisfaction with LoadProof
  9. How Saddle Creek Logistics Services saved $1900 on one chargeback dispute alone with LoadProof

White Papers

  1. White-papers on Chargebacks Management
  2. White-papers on Freight Claims Management

Thought Leadership Articles

  1. The Load Strapping Best Practices to Consider During Shipping to Avoid Costly Damages
  2. The Best Practices to Consider While Loading Temperature Sensitive Products
  3. The Best Practices to Consider when Loading LTL and FTL to Avoid Damages
  4. The Load Bar Best Practices to Consider when Shipping Products to Your Retailer
  5. The Warehouse Labeling Best Practices to Consider while Loading Products
  6. The Best Practice You Must Consider while Sealing FTL Containers
  7. Best Practices for Stacking Pallets and Products while Shipping
  8. The Pallets Loading Best Practice that you must consider at your Warehouse Facility
  9. The Best Practices in Avoiding Pallet Damages and Separation During Transit
  10. Top 10 Best Practices that You Can Implement in Your Distribution Center Tomorrow with No System Changes and Very Little Process Changes
  11. The Best Practices in Automating Your Warehouse Operations
  12. The Zone Picking Best Practice to Improve Order Picking Productivity
  13. The Warehouse Yard Management Best Practice to Increase Visibility
  14. The Warehouse Voice Picking Best Practice to Improve Efficiency
  15. The Best Practices to Implement Vendor Compliance in Your Warehouse
  16. The Best Practices to Optimize Slotting Process in Your Warehouse
  17. The Returns ASN Best Practice to Optimize Reverse Logistics in Your Warehouse
  18. The 3 Best Practices to Optimize Your Warehouse Replenishments
  19. The Warehouse Rate Shopping Best Practice to Reduce Shipping Charges
  20. The DC Quality Control Best Practices to Improve Shipping Efficiency
  21. The 3 Best Practices to Run Effective Warehouse Meetings
  22. Boost Order Picking Efficiency with these Sequencing Best Practices
  23. The Best Practices in Measuring Warehouse KPIs for Enhancing Productivity
  24. Battling the Porch Pirates
  25. The Best Practices in Designing UI/UX of the Warehouse Management App
  26. The Best Practices in Designing a Perfect Global Distribution Center
  27. 4 Best Practices in the Inventory Management through LPNs
  28. 5 Best Practices in the Directed Putaway to Improve Productivity
  29. Top 4 Best Practices in Dimensioning of SKUs with Benefits
  30. Top 3 Best Practices in Cross-docking with Benefits
  31. The Best Practices in Warehouse Cartonization
  32. The Best Practices for Implementing Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN)
  33. Top 5 Best Practices in Warehouse Dock Door Appointment Scheduling
  34. 5 Best Practices in Optimizing the SKU Velocity in Your Warehouse
  35. Put Quality in the Supply Chain
  36. Supply Chain Hungry for Legal Tool Innovation
  37. Expect Accountability from Supply Chain Operators & Partners
  38. Logistics Carriers Should Envision an Image Enabled Supply Chain
  39. Data Rich, Information Poor: Conundrum of Distribution Center
  40. Innovation & Effective Change Mgmt Prove a Critical Combo
  41. Oil Drills & Apples: Sensors Provide Insight
  42. Samsung Beating Apple in the Innovation Game
  43. Trust But Verify: Wisdom on 3PL Relations
  44. Technology or Process: Find the Road to Productivity
  45. Google Alphabet’s Boston Dynamics on the Block
  46. Designing User-Friendly Systems: Not as Easy as it Sounds
  47. Capturing Passion in the Supply Chain Profession
  48. Disciplined Daily Cycle Counts Enhance DC Culture
  49. Teamwork: Critical & Achievable for the Supply Chain
  50. 10 Best Practices to Improve Order Picking Efficiency in Your Multi-channel Warehouse
  51. How has Voice Changed as a Data Collection Technology?
  52. Evolution of Data Collection Tech in DCs
  53. The End of Ubiquitous Scan Gun Era in DC’s
  54. Love or Money: Looking at the Ingredients of Business
  55. Supply Chain Graduate Degrees: Make The Most Of Education
  56. Curiosity: Building Success in the Organization
  57. Software-centric World Takes Over Supply Chain
  58. The Startup Phenomenon: How 3PL’s Can Use it to Increase Value & Capture Market
  59. Storytelling: The Secret Weapon of Great Organizations
  60. The Real Problem with Digital Assistants
  61. Fast Charging Comes to Maturity to Support Supply Chain Tasks
  62. Bots May be the Next Big Supply Chain Invasion
  63. Emotional Investment Leads to Success
  64. Smart Phones Deliver Best Quality Video
  65. Employee Math: When Two Plus Two is More than Four
  66. Resuscitating Retail: Big Lessons from Big Winners
  67. Newest Supply Chain Paradigm Shift Hits Retail
  68. 7 Things About Amazon the Retail Supply Chain Needs to Know
  69. Connectivity & IoT Create Greater Supply Chain Data Collection Options
  70. Find the Fire: Great Teams Need Passion
  71. Transformational Leadership in the Smart Machine Age
  72. The Smart Machine Age: Humans Need Not Apply
  73. Micromanaging for Success: What’s Your Style?
  74. Smart Machine Age Shifts The Future Workforce
  75. The Internet as the Great Equalizer
  76. Superhero Tools Inspire Consumer – Centric Design
  77. Retail Needs to Get it’s Groove Back
  78. No Quick Picks: The Right Retail Technology Makes a Difference
  79. Racing to Work: Hyper-Competition Demands Passion & Attitude
  80. 6 Best Practices for Order Picking in Distribution
  81. Voice Picking and AR as a Warehouse Data Collection Technology
  82. Voice Evolves the Efficiency of the Warehouse
  83. The Power of Amazon Prime: Changing People’s Habits Changes the Game
  84. Threat of Robot Warehouse Invasion Overblown
  85. Automation Smooths Out Seasonal Peaks & Valleys
  86. Weighing Build Versus Buy with Supply Chain Apps
  87. Industry Pundits Look at Digital Disruption
  88. Living in the Shadow of Amazon: Learn the Lessons
  89. The Ebb & Flow of Retail Supply Chain: Is AI The Answer?
  90. Simulation Tools Optimize Processes & Take Surprises Out of WMS Deployments
  91. Leverage Video to Engage & Teach New Technology
  92. 8 Ways the Chennai Floods Demonstrated the (Good & Bad) Power of Social Media
  93. Cultural Intelligence Proves Critical to Global Strategy
  94. iPad Pro Not Ready for Supply Chain Prime Time
  95. Tell Apple to Stop Drinking its Own Kool Aid: The PC Isn’t Dead Yet
  96. Tracking the Evolution of Distribution Center Tech
  97. Operations or IT: Don’t Pick a Side
  98. Foster a Culture of Innovation in the Supply Chain
  99. Finding the Value of Mobility in the Supply Chain
  100. Mobile Tech Extends the Life of Legacy Systems
  101. Virtual Reality: Exploring the Potential of the Oculus Rift
  102. IBM Offers Apple MacBook’s to its Employees
  103. Defining Leadership for the Tech Industry
  104. Tech Industry Needs to Call for Multicultural Leaders
  105. Implementing Value-added Services in Distribution Centers
  106. Omnichannel Retail Stresses Demand New Tools
  107. Top 5 Supply Chain Headaches Created by Retail
  108. Apple Watch: Build it & They Will Come… Or Will They?
  109. Google Glass Could Change the World, But Especially Distribution Centers
  110. Taking Distribution Operations Communication Beyond Email
  111. Drones in Distribution: Counting Inventory
  112. Drones in Distribution Centers: Has the Time Arrived?
  113. Is Your Distribution Center an Inviting Place for Millennials?
  114. Consumerization May Put Wearables in the Warehouse
  115. The Smile of the End User
  116. Graduates Look to Tech Disruptors for Opportunity
  117. Embrace Entrepreneurial Thinking
  118. How Chinese Manufacturing Makes America Great?
  119. The Power of Music in Supply Chain
  120. IoT-Based Labor Management Systems Offer Big Benefits
  121. Case in Point: Real Insights from an IoT Pilot in a Distribution Center
  122. Ownership is Everything: The Data Integrous System of Record