Mercury Gate MyEZClaim product is already integrated with LoadProof – which means the pictures you are taking in LoadProof are now automatically available as part of this integration.

How to Add a Photo from LoadProof to MyEZClaim

Step 1: On the claim screen navigate to the documents tab.

Step 2: Click on the LoadProof Media Import button to pull up the import screen.

Step 3: Select the site name.

Step 4: Select the search by criteria (Container/BOL, Operator Initials, PO Number (Optional), or Warehouse).

Step 5: Enter in the search term.

Step 6: Click Find.

Step 7: The files attached to the look up are shown below. Either click Select All for select the individual documents to be imported.

Step 8: Select the document type to be assigned to the imported files

Step 9: Click Import to import the selected files.

Step 10: If the import is successful a notification will be displayed here.

Step 11: The imported file will be shown under the documents tab utilizing the file name found on LoadProof with the time of import appended to the name.

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