Enterprise Photo Documentation System White Paper – Part IV


Digital Camera Based Picture Capture Vs LoadProof – Comparison


This document describes the following,

1. Provides a thorough comparison between the current Digital camera-based picture capturing many distribution centers do versus the LoadProof way of capturing pictures.

2. If you review the “Enterprise Photo Documentation System – White Paper – Part1” , “Enterprise Photo Documentation System – White Paper – Part2”, “Enterprise Photo Documentation System – White Paper – Part3” and then review this current document, you will get much more value out of this exercise to understand the Enterprise Photo Documentation System thoroughly. However, it is okay to review this current document by itself as well. If you need access to the Part 1 and or Part 2 of the White Paper.



LoadProof is a photo documentation SAAS solution that allows any warehouse manager to develop a catalog of easily searchable photos with contextual data that helps warehouses and businesses reduce claims and chargebacks.

A Fair and Thorough Comparison Analysis

It is a good idea to start with watching this YouTube video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7NcoRuPEeA

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